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Stellar distances are in light years, where the light year is the distance light travels in one year, equal to 63,270 AU (and 0.3066 parsecs, where the parsec equals 206,265 AU, 3.2616 light years).

Unless a star is too far away, or is determined by other more precise means, its distance is taken from the Hipparcos parallax catalogue, using the second reduction after July 1, 2009, for all first magnitude stars, or where indicated in the description of the star.

Economy was good otherwise and I enjoyed driving it until the missus rolled it. - cam belt replacement would be ongoing- steering lock jam is when it gets hot, although normally once replaced, should be ok Another thing to add are the ECU problems.

When mine started to run rough, (I was working at a Holden dealership so parts were at cost) first the mechanic, yeah right, replaced the coil pack (about 00, no better, reprogrammed the ECU, twice, then replaced it, another 00ish then replaced the crank angle sensor as well...

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The first five tables list the stars alphabetically by proper name (where available, otherwise by Greek letter name, catalogue number, or variable star designation).Then I saw this video and decided to try it like you describe it. first 2/3 times dind't work, i suppose i got kinda tired trying with this not happening.