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*Bluetooth model requires a paired smartphone to make calls.Go for a run, a round of golf, go exploring on your bike.CITRIX MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES OF NONINFRINGEMENT, MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE WITH RESPECT TO THE PROVIDED SOFTWARE SOLUTION.THE SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS ARE DELIVERED ON AN "AS IS" BASIS WITH NO SUPPORT.With the built-in GPS, you get optimized hiking routes, see the distance to the next hole on the green, and find the best places to eat in the area after the game.Your phone can stay at home or tucked away in your backpack.So to those that were with us since the beginning, everyone that was still around at the end, and especially to our volunteer moderators and admins who kept things running smoothly - a huge thank you from everyone at Futuremark for all your support over the years.

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Take and make calls with the Gear S3's built-in speaker, check voice messages and hear the alarms you set.

At their peak, the forums were home to more than 2,000 new posts a day.