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The term Old Testament is a deception, because the Gospels are not a replacement for the scriptures of the Jews, because they better reflect the Source than does Judaism.The Jews were not -- and are not -- the chosen people of God -- and other than the fulfillment of the allegorical meaning of the Old Testament that the Jews are blind to, the Gospels have nothing in common with the Old Testament.Ignorance of the true meaning and purpose of the Gospels, has totally destroyed the Christian path into the Kingdom.There are as many interpretations and opinions of the meaning of the scriptures, as there are readers.The Ebionites were the people who walked daily with the man Jesus -- learned from him -- as he guided them into the Inner Kingdom and into the Presence of the True Prophet (aka Logos/Son of God).

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"Then he showed me a river of the water of life, clear as crystal, coming from the throne of God and of the Lamb, in the middle of its street.2000 years ago I lived as Jacob who many call James, and I was known as the Brother of Yeshua and the first leader of the New Covenant movement of The Way which, in its corrupted form, is today known as Christianity.I was sent back into the world to restore the teachings of my brother Yeshua to their original spiritual essence, and to guide you in The Way that is "narrow" so you will be able to open the "strait gate" within you and enter the Kingdom that Yeshua declared must be attained through the second stage of (non-physical) birth.The alleged inconsistencies and conflicts in the biblical text were intentionally inserted for an ultra-important reason that modern Christians fail to understand.

The removal and editing of these alleged discordances, inconsistencies and supposed conflicts in the scriptures by the scribes and translators, has severely inhibited the Gospels from fulfilling their intended purpose.

The original spiritual teachings of Yeshua/Jesus as practiced by the people of The Way who where known historically as the Essenes, Ebionites, and Nazirenes.