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22-Apr-2019 17:36

“What we are seeing now are the girls identified at nine and 10 coming through at the top of the pro game,” said Round.The Newly Crowned Queen - Lydia Ko (New Zealander, age 18)The Kiwi-Korean phenomenon was just seven years old when she first contested the New Zealand Women’s Amateur Championship.Dave Phillips, a co-founder of the Titleist Performance Institute in California, offers women as the power model for aspiring amateurs.

Hull, who posted five consecutive runner-up finishes in her first five LET events two years ago, is the most obvious example of the success of the junior pathway programmes, alongside Amy Boulden, Georgia Hall and Alex Peters.

Ko was six years old when she turned up at Wilson’s door to begin a partnership that would yield unimaginable gains.“Lydia’s family moved to New Zealand to play golf every day of the year.

It was a trend back then, a lot of Koreans coming to New Zealand, where it was less the rat-race culture they knew at home.

“I don’t know how hard the PGA Tour guys work out but out here we’re working pretty hard,” said Thompson, who stands six feet tall without her heels.

“Even after long days there are a lot of girls in the fitness trailer.”The LPGA Tour counterpart on this side of the pond, the Ladies European Tour (LET), is expanding rapidly at elite level, and is full of innovations, with the Turkish Airlines Ladies Open beginning today, traditionally the finale, and ending on Wednesday.

They can get the ball around.”Though some women match in absolute terms the distances reached by men, the majority fall approximately 40 yards short of the 288yd driving average on the PGA Tour.