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28-May-2019 20:19

I will always have a bottle of this gorgeous scent.I don't have the bath oil yet but tried it few times, its even more gorgeous and intense....definitely one to buy for my Xmas special.

Youth Dew is incense, spicy, almost bitter, yet there is a touch of powder and sweetness to comfort.....

She was lovably daffy, older lady but she felt sexy when she wore this. I liked to smell it on her while my little cousin said it " smells like church and cough drops". Yesterday I sprayed it into the air, waited a moment then walked through it. Years ago, wearing it at full volume in the privacy of my home, I was unexpectedly called to work to assist with a caesarian on a dog. He never said a word but he seemed to have some difficulty breathing. I’m sure there are plenty of artificial chemicals here, but something about it fools me into believing that there are actual resins or essential oils in here. Many other reviewers have written more technical descriptions than I can, but the reason I wanted to leave a review was to say that I recently bought this at Macy’s without having smelled this since I was a young person in the 1980’s.