Bagram military dating

14-May-2019 23:00

But sickened by the atrocities that he was forced to commit, last week he defected to Pakistan, joining a growing number of Taliban officials who are escaping across the border.

In an exclusive interview with The Telegraph, he reveals for the first time the full horror of what has been happening in the name of religion in Afghanistan.

There are no educated people in this administration - they are all totally backward and illiterate.

"They have no idea of the history of the country and although they call themselves mullahs they have no idea of Islam.

"He doesn't say much, which is just as well as he's a very stupid man.

He knows only how to write his name `Omar' and sign it."It is the first time in Afghanistan's history that the lower classes are governing and by force.

Men without long enough beards were to be arrested, as was any woman who dared venture outside her house. The state of terror spread by the Taliban was so pervasive that it began to seem as if the whole country was spying on each other.Then I would write the report to our commanding officer so he could see how innovative we had been."Here, sitting in the stillness of an orchard in Quetta sipping tea as the sun goes down, he finds it hard to explain how he could have done such things.