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06-Mar-2019 12:37

William Grady has written a book called THE FINAL AUTHORITY in which he says the KJV is the final authority, not the original Greek and Hebrew.

125) Again and again Ruckman says the KJV is the final authority.

There were many denominations represented on the translation committee.

The KJV was translated by the Church of England (called the Episcopal Church in the U. They reveal their bias by refusing to translate words like baptism and deacon, because if they did, it would contradict the practice of their church.

There were many denominations that included Anglican, Assemblies of God, Baptist, Brethren, Lutheran, Mennonite, Methodist, Nazarene, Presbyterian and others.

This was to safeguard the translation from sectarian bias.

No other translation has gone through a more thorough process of review and revision from committee to committee than this one.

Some scholars say none were older than the 12th century.This last simple rule, probably more than anything else, helped to make our Authorized Version the Bible of all classes in England and America. The American Standard Version came out in 1901 and has been rightly regarded for its scholarship and accuracy.It was a product of both British and American scholarship. In 1959 a new translation project was launched, based on the ASV.They revised it again in 1629, leaving out the Apocrypha. When people today say they have a 1611 KJV, it is gross ignorance on their part. 8:1 says, We do you to wit of the grace of God bestowed on the churches of Macedonia. Exodus says, Mount Sinai was altogether on a smoke.

The KJV says in I Peter 3:8 that we are to be pitiful. These verses can be hard for the modern reader to understand.

1611 is necessary to recover the original text and straighten out the corrupt Greek. The KJV Only people tell us that translators of other Bible versions were unbelievers.

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