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Hunter and Transmorphers- it is a contender for bottom 10.The lead actor Clint Browning actually tries his best and is decent, but the rest of the acting, especially from Connor Clayton, is awful, full of over-acting or phoning in.But his probation officer is a man who thinks he can blackmail him into illegal street racing.Even though Wayne is attempts to restore his life and become an honest, hardworking member of society, he slowly finds himself being lured back into street racing... At the beginning of the movie, when Johnny Wayne (Clint Browning) shocks with Kelly fathers car with his Mazda, the car first, starts to go of the road and then when they shock it miraculous appears in the middle of the road all broken, with no one inside.Sean O'Donnell has found the shortcut to getting women: the internet.Finding lonely, depressed and antisocial girls, he notches his bedposts as an online dating Casanova. See full synopsis » A pair of pantyhose worn by an attractive woman becomes an object of desire first to her lover and then to herself.

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I couldn't even appreciate the car models, which didn't even look that expensive anyway, because of this.

In the process, said object displays its seductive power to either compliment human sexuality - or commodify it.