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18-Aug-2019 16:45

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This could be helpful in circumstances where you want to describe something, like a new outfit you’re thinking of buying or how cute your dog is when it snores.

The brief privacy policy outlines that the app may collect information about you both from the content you create, your contacts list, and the social media accounts that you choose to connect.The wide berth between my actual identity and my delusionally optimistic self-portrayal didn’t matter, though, because I was born in 1985, which means I didn’t really learn how to be embarrassed by my behavior on the Internet until college.The halcyon days of AIM were a time before easily disseminated screenshots, so unless someone you knew in real life was mad enough to print out what you said in an IM and bring it to school, it was a receipt-free existence.In its heyday it was beloved by the middle- and high-schoolers who came of age in the narrow gap between widespread middle-class home Internet access and the omnipresence of what we now call social media.

But when AOL announced in October that the service would be shutting down December 15, after 20 years, no one seemed particularly surprised. We have a million ways to conduct digital conversations now, most of which are tethered to services like Google or Facebook—companies that have gained a foothold in broader American life in a way AIM never quite did.

The company announced Friday that the chat app, which launched in 1997, will "no longer work" as of December 15th.