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We thought that everything could remain intact and be true to itself, then just expand out with these tentacles, and that was naive. We listened to their very first demos, and it was instantly our favorite band.

Eddie Vedder has taken flak for complaining about Pearl Jam's having done so well so quickly. Yeah, I've learned that from those guys more than in any other way. Somebody can sit at home and say, "What does this guy have to complain about?

'' But at the same time it's a comfortable chair to be sitting in and make those judgments.

When all of a sudden you're successful and sought after overnight, you are instantly opened to a lot of sides of humanity that the average person is never going to see.

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Cornell's shoulder-length tresses — aptly named Sub Pop hair — and Soundgarden's mix of '70s heavy metal and '80s punk ushered in a new rock & roll era.onsidering the events of the past year, members of the Seattle rock community can hardly be blamed for feeling that success comes with too high a price.