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A celebrated officer in the past, Frank had once served his duties in Ivywood Hills, which he loathes because he considers the people there fake and obnoxious.

The medical examiner for the Pacific Bay PD, who performs autopsies on the murder victims.

He was also the one who recruited the player character at the final chapter of the Pacific Bay season.

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He fakes an attack on Jack, in order to assassinate Nillo Virtanen with a remote-controlled rifle, hoping that the murder will be blamed on the USNay movement.One of the newer recruits of the Bureau, Armand is a professor from Switzerland who now serves as a newly introduced role of Historian.He specializes in identifying symbols and objects of historic and cultural relevance, as well as translating languages.One of the first members of the esteemed Rochester family that the Player Character encounters, Archie was first introduced as a shy and sickly young man.

Despite his seeming frailness, he is much more devious than he appears.The Eurasian SOMBRA agent who leaks COSMORUS's confidential information to SOMBRA, and helps fulfilling their plan to send the world in dark ages by launching a satellite.