Current recordset does not support updating access

07-Apr-2019 05:41

Make sure that the the folder your database resides in is shared, otherwise you will get the following type of message: Current Recordset does not support updating.

This may be a limitation of the provider, or of the selected locktype.' and you will spend 2 days (as I did) looking for the right combination of settings to write the record properly.

When you pull up the usual menu for the odbc / dsn system, it is for the 64 bit odbc manager, and 32 bit applications (vb 6.0, PHP 5) will not work using these dsn's.

This is where the 32 bit odbc manager is: C:\Windows\Sys WOW64\odbcad32- Windows - OS- Apache- ODBC-Connction to MS-Access DB on a:- Network Share After many hours searching here´s how it works:- Map the Network Drive where the mdb is located- Setup System DSN in Control Panel with mapped Drive- Open Registry at: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ODBC\ODBC_INI- Edit the for example "M:\" to "\server\..."- Close Regedit- The Apache-Service must run with a Domain (network)-User!!

My workaround was to design my script exit entirely after a the database update had completed.

I then called my script whithin a batch file and put it inside an endless loop.

current recordset does not support updating access-31

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In a 64 bit windows server operating system, there are TWO odbc managers.Once you can verify that you can connect add appropriate passwords, group access, etc.-=WH=- WINNT 4 Workstation, PHP4 odbc_connect() kept giving me weird errors when trying to connect to a MSaccess DSN(Microsoft Jet engine couldn't open the database 'Unknow'.

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