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I don't understand why she left out the whole last verse, though. Edge of Seventeen was written while still with Fleetwood Mac and her success caused much tension between herself and Buckingham.Edge of Seventeen was the third single from Bella Donna and was at #11 for 2 weeks.During a performance of latest track 'Despacito', he seemed to forget the Spanish lyrics and improvised with new ones: "blah blah blah blah".We can relate to improvising with a few "blahs" here and there, we've all been there, but not all of us have had a number one with that particular track.i don't really care for this song as much as the other ones.

Her uncle was dying and Stevie would visit him every day.At the time I thought, "Poor Stevie, the croud is gonna walk when she comes on stage." She rivaled his energy.When she sang this, one of her back ups stood behind her and sang the echo "I hear you - hear you . ." There was raw pain in both voices - my eyes were stinging.i think wikipedia mentions something about this song. I hate it when people say chicks can't rock (not just cuz i am one...) but then i say look at the go a joan at when i say stevie nicks, they stop saying "oh she/they don't count"I'm a fan of this song.

My brother is annoyed by it because he has heard it "too much". If I were in Stevie Nicks's position, I'd call it "White-Winged Dove" rather than "Edge of Seventeen", but that's just my opinion.In this song, for some reason, the voice of Stevie Nicks resembles that of Blondie. I never knew that Lindsey Lohan had a version of this. As for rocking out, see Stevie sing it live and it will blow you away.