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And to learn more about life in your fourth decade, here are 40 Things Men Over 40 Shouldn’t Say. Not only will it last you longer and endure more wear-and-tear, but it’ll also make your travel experience feel first-class—whether or not it actually is.And you’re in luck, because we have the 7 best luxury travel bags for you right here. Tequila that comes in a plastic bottle is a different story, one that’s depressing and has a sad ending.Especially if you agree with the style-savvy women who answered the question: Should Men Wear Baggy Jeans? If anything, staring into a magnifying mirror will drive you crazy and cause you to obsess (and, if you happen to groom your eyebrows yourself, it’ll make you a little too tweezers-happy, too).And for more lifestyle advice, here’s 32 Ways to Change His Behavior With Movie Quotes.Shimmer—which is usually subtle and fine—is not the same as glitter, which can be chunky and, well, glittery.(As well as a hazard if it gets into your eye.) That’s why a shimmer eyeshadow can stay, but glitter needs to go.Not only is the quality likely sub par, but it also looks cheap, too.

If you suspect your child is using alcohol or drugs, do not look the other way.

Rather than trusting their instincts, many parents turn to outside experts for advice on how to raise teens.

“Parents can tie themselves into knots trying to follow the advice they read in books,” says Robert Evans, Ed D, author of Family Matters: How Schools Can Cope with the Crisis in Child Rearing.

Yes, turning 40 means you’re entering your best decade.

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It also means it’s time to retire your ex’s band t-shirt, throw out the magnifying mirror in your bathroom, and never, wear jewelry that turns your skin green.

Even if it's "just" alcohol or marijuana -- or even if it reminds you of your own youth -- you must take action now, before it becomes a bigger problem.“The years when kids are between 13 and 18 years old are an essential time for parents to stay involved,” Amelia M. She is director of the University of Maryland's Center on Young Adult Health and Development.

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