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UNTIL (in true Grease fashion) Gabriella unexpectedly winds up transferring to Troy's school and both are torn between their cliques and their love of "the theater."Moment that made you melt: When Troy almost walks off the stage on that fateful karaoke night during "Start of Something New," thinking Gabriella wouldn't want to sing with him and then is taken aback by her angelic voice.

Moment that made you melt: When Tony opines that "Maria" is the most beautiful sound he's ever heard and realizes how wonderful a sound can be. Moment that made you melt: Zack and Laney let down their defenses in her basement art studio. Moment that made you melt: When Halley and Macon dance in the hospital hallway. While they set up camp in a secluded cove on New Penzance, Suzy’s parents, Sam’s scoutmaster, and the rest of the island come together to search for the kids and track them down before an approaching storm. What it's about: Family and friends (Michelle Williams included) of high school cheerleader Megan (Natasha Lyonne) stage an intervention after realizing she's a lesbian thanks to her love of Melissa Etheridge and vegetarianism.Moment that made you melt: In an attempt to win Kat over, Patrick hijacks the school P. system and enlists the marching band to help him serenade her with "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" during soccer practice. What it's about: Diane Court (Ione Skye) and Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack) just graduated from high school, and she’s headed off to England at the end of the summer — but not before the two fall in love.Needless to say, he won Kat, her soccer team, and all bystanders over and set the bar for public wooing attempts astronomically high. She’s the cloistered valedictorian and he’s a big-hearted dreamer, and neither’s a stereotype. isn’t the story of a nerd getting the pretty girl or any other more typical defying of the high school class system.He finally texts her and the two fall madly in love. What it's about: Next-door neighbors Nicole (post-Clarissa Melissa Joan Hart) and Chase (pre-Entourage Adrian Grenier) grow apart as they grow up, but reunite in the name of getting back at their respective exes and ultimately fall for each other in spite of their scheming. " (Bonus: Their kiss was also Natalie Wood's first on-screen kiss! Despite their saying many gorgeous, Shakespearian things to each other, it ends in tragedy. But also: The "morning after," when the early sun's filtering in and they're rolling around in the white sheets. But it's Ethan Embry's Preston, who's pined for popular girl and newly single Amanda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) that gives the movie its heart. After some adorable off-screen banter and kissing noises, he gives her an orgasm, which earns the movie some major bonus points. While serving community service at the arts high school he was caught vandalizing, his dance ability helps win him entrance into the school and the heart of the tightly wound "traditional" dancer Nora (Jenna Dewan). Moment that made you melt: Jake Ryan, whose name must be said in full for ever and ever, is standing outside the church after Sam's sister's disaster of a wedding in a sweater vest and waves to her, much to believe her disbelief. ) star as sisters Kat (Stiles) and Bianca (Oleynik), whose overprotective father at first won't let them date and then modifies his rule so that the younger, more outgoing Bianca can only date once standoffish Kat has a boyfriend.

The kind that's like "the way you fall asleep, slowly and then all at once."Moment that made you melt: When Hazel read her eulogy for Gus to him at his fake funeral the week before he died, telling him how he gave her infinity with a limited number of days. Also, their single parents wind up falling in love, but we never find out what happens there because there is no sequel! Moment that made you melt: After all of their scheming and lying, Nicole and Chase finally unite without any hidden agendas. Moment that made you melt: At the Capulet's costume party, Romeo and Juliet spot each other through a fish tank as Des'ree sings the movie’s signature track, “Kissing You.” They’re instantly smitten, making some of the teen romance genre’s best goo-goo eyes at each other through the glass. He repeatedly attempts to give her a letter that earnestly professes his love for the real her — not the popular facade everyone sees — and she repeatedly brushes him off as a loser trying to get with her just like every other dude who's lusted after her over the last four years. — he gives up, she gets the letter, and she finds him right before he leaves town for the summer, where they kiss and promise to write each other while apart. What it's about: Jamie (Mandy Moore) is a kind-hearted pastor's daughter; Landon (Shane West) is a bad boy who makes fun of her sweater. Moment that made you melt: Controversial opinion, but for me it's all about the "Till the Dawn" dance sequence, which solidifies their chemistry and features the C-Tates collar-pop. "Yeah, you," he mouths as the Thompson Twins' "If You Were Here" plays in the background. And so, the popular jerk who wants to date Bianca (Andrew Keegan) pays hot loner rebel Patrick (Heath Ledger) to take Kat out.Moment that made you melt: That epic, playful mud fight.