Dating rules comedy central

26-Jul-2019 15:55

It’s funny because it’s the kind of conversation that TV doesn’t make time for anymore.

There’s no doubt that some of Fielder’s interactions with the business owners he helps are in-character.

We’ll never be able to say for sure if that convenience store owner really does what he says he does or if a writer-for-hire independently headlined a chapter of a fictional autobiography with the word “Baboons.” But whenever the first step of one of these business experiments is Fielder going immediately to Wikipedia, it immediately undercuts the self-imposed hierarchy that so many of these unscripted shows put into place.

The first move we often see to get these plans in motion is hopping on Craigslist.

(The darkest moments of the pre-season special “Nathan for You: A Celebration” are reserved for a handful of people who tried to leverage their newfound fame into another TV gig.) By building a tiny viral comedy empire around careful deceptions, it weeds out the people who are dead-set on TV stardom. Maybe “Nathan for You” is the one show that’s here to make friends, after all.

The premise of the show featured a blue monster (voiced by Miller) taking over a Japanese television station.

Its subjects don’t become legendary by being laughing-stocks.

If there are any villains on “Nathan for You,” it’s the people who don’t come across as genuine.

Stripping away most of the naked ambition and brutal infighting for something with a much more modest aim, “Nathan for You” is a show without a hapless victim.

No matter how many times one of his stunts ends with a segment-closing montage of local news reports reproducing his schemes as mere happenstance, it does chip away at the veracity of all the nightly “you won’t believe this! Peeler has effectively hijacked the human interest means of production, and made one of TV’s great shows in the process.

(This season, he also undercut the time-tested late night talk show anecdote formula, too.) Comedy Central “Nathan for You” has an important message about scale and oneupsmanship for an entertainment world desperate for new ways to snag attention. The world of the internet itself has changed drastically in the few years the show’s been on the air, but Fielder’s been able to have at least one episode per season hop across the comedy nerd subset and make something that could surface elsewhere.

The constant thread through the show’s first few seasons, of a TV host’s simple desire for human affection, plays out in lingering hugs, awkward meet-up plans and a few extra readings of the line “I love you.” “Nathan for You” may have done a more straightforward parody of “The Bachelor,” but shepherding one person’s quest for companionship in the middle of these bizarre antics is just making subtext out of the text of a bevy of disposable dating show franchises.

Discussing whether a reality show can be truly “real” seems like a fruitless exercise.

The lifeblood of reality shows and unscripted programming is a populace willing to throw themselves at the mercy of TV production in exchange for a possible beneficial outcome.

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