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04-Mar-2019 03:25

Combined, pit bulls and rottweilers contributed to 76% of the total recorded deaths. Yakima, WA (1989), the Court wrote: "plaintiffs admit acquiring their pets believing them to be pit bulls, although they ." Fast forward to the Bryan & Amanda Bickell Foundation 25 years later claiming the exact same routine, "I am a pit bull owner" and "There is no such thing as a pit bull," echoing the old recycled themes from the mid 80s.

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So be bold, have confidence and help us dismantle this myth, long ago debunked by the high courts! I can spot a pit a field away through blurry vision, no glasses. I then put my hand on my protection knife and quickly walk the other way.Everyone there recognizes the breeds simply by visual characteristics. There are different varieties, but they are all specific fighting breeds.

The cosigner doesn’t have to be a relative; he or she can be anyone who meets the requirements — ideally someone with an established credit history and steady income. We will evaluate credit, employment, and income factors to determine the student borrower's ability to take full responsibility for repaying the loan.… continue reading »

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They were Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist and other denominations to omit bias.… continue reading »

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