Dating while living with roommates

26-Jul-2019 05:56

Most of the time, he came to my place, but one night, we were way closer to his apartment.His ex was watching a movie when we arrived, and she invited us to sit down on the couch and watch with her. Maybe I was being paranoid, but I broke up with him the next day.When I started dating John, I was surprised he lived right around the corner from my old place.My former landlady used to read my mail, clean my apartment without my permission, and now that I'd moved out, had started drunk texting me about her life.

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I didn't think that was weird, since it was a big apartment that was owned by one of their relatives.Once I started spending nights at John's place, I was so afraid to run into her that I'd make us walk two blocks out of our way to avoid her. Luckily, I never ran into her while we dated, and when we broke up, I was almost sad that I no longer had that "will I see her drama" in my life.