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25-Jul-2019 23:11

I am just not there yet, and I feel he is trying to push me to get there. I do not want to hurt him, but how can I approach this subject of him slowing down and letting him know I’m just ready yet without making him feel hurt.

Signed, Overwhelmed With Too Much, Too Soon I am sure you are “overwhelmed with too much, too soon.” It is great to know that you and your ex-husband managed to maintain a civil relationship without animosity throughout a divorce.

Each relationship between two people is different, and what you had together during your marriage will never be reproduced with someone else.

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I would suggest that you let him know that you are flattered but overwhelmed by his feelings and his desire to remarry.You are right; the problem is that you are overwhelmed with his feelings, his talk about marriage, calling your family his in-laws and making statements like “I wish I was home with my family.”It is wonderful that he cares and loves you, but what is his rush?You have been back together for only three months and he is laying it on hot and heavy. Do not become blinded by his persistence and forget that there is a reason that he is your "ex-husband ".He has asked if I thought that we would ever marry again, and I said I don’t know.

We haven’t even discussed being exclusive with one another.

He needs to know that he is risking pushing you away.