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30-Jun-2019 02:21

They act platonic and are overly generous to girls they’re interested in. They’re always there to help them and support them when they’re in need. It’s not about becoming a jerk and not being nice, it’s about expressing the qualities that build sexual attraction.

I even see this with online dating profile writing services.

Then they end up more frustrated than ever and can’t understand why. Therefore, they don’t like to put other women in uncomfortable flirting situations. So they give guys advice to NOT flirt with a girl until they know she’s 100% interested.

Here’s why women aren’t always the best source for men’s dating advice. Receiving disturbing or threatening messages online. They talk about how flirting with a random girl is creepy and that you should never do it. The act of flirting, showing your interest, and taking initiative is what starts to turn women on. You HAVE to be assertive – playing it safe almost always makes women place you in the friend zone.

Then you can start to show more of your romantic side and have her appreciate those qualities, too.

Sadly, many women have dealt with sexual shame their entire lives.

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So a lot of guys just take this “nice guy” advice to heart.And the guys are left wondering why so few women respond to their messages.You have to position yourself as a potential sexual partner first and foremost.This is why so many men believe that being nice is enough.

But then when those guys act like that, they struggle to attract women. Because when most girls give that advice, they’re thinking in terms of men .

I know a female matchmaker who has a deep understanding of attraction after years of experience.

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