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I was ready to run and said we were sorry and about to move when he held my hand and pulled me back. Amit had taken photos of me but how did the supervisor get it?I was wondering if the pics were all over Internet. I was staring at blank space when I felt a hand at my waist.I planned to go for a swim and changed into my swimwear. As I was about to jump in the supervisor came saying that the pool was not supposed to be used post 10 PM. He came near me and asked if I was Niharika from India.. He came close and took out his mobile and held it to me and started playing a video...To describe myself, I am not a stunning piece of eye candy. I was pretty darned disappointed and was returning when he called my name.. it showed a beach and at a distance there were a couple walking. As the video zoomed in, I realized it was me and Amit and we had broken into a kiss..We talked about the positions we wanted to try having sex. PDA is frowned upon in India and we always had the misfortune of getting caught by someone we knew.

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He made me turn my face and placed his lip on mine..I prayed the living hell that my moment of forced wardrobe malfunction is not captured but as the video continued, we broke the kiss and then Amith pulled my skirt hard.. I tried to grab his phone when he started swipe to other pictures of me where I am fully naked and my hands held by another hand holding a dick.