Do christians believe carbon dating

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Everyone, upon having the truth of such a choice miraculously and unambiguously revealed to them, would immediately choose eternal reward over eternal suffering.

Nobody in a functional frame of mind would actively choose pain and suffering in the manner that is claimed; that is an obvious truth.

For the vast majority of people who live and have ever lived, the details, consequences and existence of such a choice is extremely ambiguous, obscure or even completely imperceptible.

They either haven’t been rationally convinced that they must consider the matter seriously, or they have barely heard of it.

But people disbelieve for a variety of reasons that are easy to understand.

Sometimes people lack belief because they are predisposed to analytical thinking and have not been able to become convinced of God’s existence.

Suffering that lasts forever and ever, and only believing in Jesus can get you out of it. (Even the less common, more reprehensible sins of humankind – murder, rape, child abuse, etc.

Not even those most committed to retributive justice would accept this utterly disproportional form of it if they didn’t feel they had to. Hell for eternity – even for Hitler – would be disproportionate punishment for his sins.) (8) Christian ideas of Hell are based on dubious interpretations of biblical words Modern biblical scholars generally agree that the words translated as ‘Hell’ in the English versions of the bible started in ancient Jewish belief not as a place where punishment was dispensed, but as a subterranean underworld of forgetfulness, a place of unconscious, silent existence for everybody who had ever died. The originators of these ideas believed they were physical places under the earth.(Some Christians do not hold to the most drastic forms of this doctrine, that we are collectively guilty because of the sins of our ancestors, or the one known as ‘total depravity’, but instead say that the sins of our ancestors gives us a toward sin. No deity I believe in is so cruel as to allow damnation for his creations because they have a baked-in tendency to do things this deity calls ‘bad’.(3) Punishment for the absence of belief amounts to unbelievable cruelty Evangelicals believe that salvation from Hell is tied directly to belief in God.(Or, just as bad, demand intellectual dishonesty from people who simply haven’t been convinced? So, then, what God – especially an all-knowing, benevolent one – still holds to it?

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Vengeance of this kind is simply incompatible with these characteristics of God.(5) Rehabilitation and restoration are more desirable than retribution It is better to restore someone than to destroy them.