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Chip August: So I want to kind of dive into this thing a little bit, and I want you to just, you start with, well I don’t know if you start, but early in the book you talk about sort of five principles that are kind of the guiding outline for what you talk about as the Tao of dating. The first one is wealth consciousness, and I think that if you’re going to take one thing away from this whole discourse, it’s all about wealth consciousness, and the idea that there is abundance and the more you make yourself aware of the abundance, the more abundance becomes aware of you and comes into your life. And that’s the notion that the more you act in accordance to you long term self-interest, and that’s a self-interest, not somebody else’s interest, your interest, but in the long term the better off you’re going to be.

And could you just kind of mention those principles and then we’ll, maybe we’ll go into a little detail on some of those. If you use that as your decision making rubric, you’re going to do well.

These are, these are two aspects of my studies, which I, which are very close to my heart, and I thought what if I can bring them together so the science would give you the practical aspects of what to do, while the eastern wisdom, the ancient wisdom that’s been around for 2500 years tells you, you know, how to go about how to think about things and how to be.

Chip August: Well I want to say to my listeners, if you’re hearing all this I want you to know that while the book is filled with all kinds of very simple spiritual information, it’s not a heavy tome here, it’s not, it doesn’t read like it’s, like it’s science homework and it doesn’t read like it’s class and spirituality homework.

So this is for all the women out there who are like my friend that was actually featured in the introduction, and yeah, giving them a way to get back their power and really get the fulfillment that they deserve in their love lives.

Chip August: Now I notice you wrote one book for men and you wrote one book for women. Alex Benzer: Yeah, the book for men I finished in about three months.

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From there, from already having that will flow reaction and from there will flow the have, the success that you’re looking for. That’s pretty much a guarantee, so give him your grace. All these are on blogs, so just go to the site, it’s there.So I’ve been studying that on my own for over a decade or so. That started about 10 years ago, and there’s a lot of overlap between Yoga philosophy, Hinduism, the Bhagavad Gita, Taoism, all these things, they point to one kind of truth.And I found that as a scientist a lot of truths converge, and so there was convergence between the scientific and the Taoist truths.The book for women took about two and a half years…Chip August: Wow! Alex Benzer: Well actually because I am not a woman, so that was tough. Who am I to try to delve inside and try to figure out what they’re thinking?

Chip August: I thought you had a pretty deep voice for a woman, yeah. ” So my approach is more from the point of view of the man, saying, “Look, you know, this is how men think, this is what makes you attractive to a man, and these things that you do in the presence of men, you know, makes them feel great, this other thing that you do maybe not so great.” So substantially there’s, there’s a substantial amount of overlap between the two books, mainly because it’s about human beings, it’s about people and the principles of eastern wisdom, Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, all this stuff, they’re universal. But there’s some stuff in there that’s going to be different from, from what the women and the men…

It reads like you’re talking about real people, and some of the basic principles that make for a happier experience dating. Alex Benzer: Thank you, I really appreciate that ‘cause that’s, that was one of the efforts of the book, which was to bring all the stuff, the masi meseoteric and the strange and out there, and make it really useable.

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