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General dates for yellowware in the United States are 1828 to c. Few wares are marked, but those marks that do exist are well-represented in the literature.

closer dating for unmarked pieces is possible through vessel form and decoration. These wares are quite distinctive, and are unlikely to be confused with Yellowware, either in appearance, or through recovery in the same contexts.

Archaeologists usually refer to the American product, and British wares that did not originate at the Rockingham works, as "Rockingham-type" wares.

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Though it shares characteristics of its body with Yellowware, and was thrown in many of the same potteries, Rockingham, or Rockingham-type ware is considered a different product from Yellowware due to its distinctive mottled brown glaze.

East Liverpool, Ohio, was the manufacturing base of much of the yellowware used in the United States during the mid- to late-19th century.