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But we know that the body of architects who perambulated the Continent of Europe and have frequently been mentioned under the name of "Traveling Freemasons", flourished at a much earlier period; and we learn, also, from Lawrie himself, that several of these operative Freemasons traveled into Scotland, about the beginning of the 12th century.

Hence, we have every reason to suppose that these men were the architects who constructed the Abbey at Kilwinning, and who first established the Institution of Freemasonry in Scotland.

Forecasters warned of disruption to travel (top right in Brough, East Yorkshire, and bottom right at Leeds-Bradford Airport) and potential power outages throughout Friday as the band of 'severe' weather moves in from the east.

Temperatures dropped to -12.3C (9.8F) at Loch Glascarnoch in the Scottish Highlands overnight while most parts of the UK dipped below freezing, leaving widespread ice a hazard across the country.

The social media giant has set up a government and politics unit and had staff involved in Donald Trump's US election campaign.

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Most impressively, its first 5 pages of minutes incorporate the Schaw Statutes which are dated December 28, 1598.Six months later, on July 31, 1599, are to be found the minutes which confirm the lodge's claim as having the oldest existing Masonic minutes.