English guy dating a polish girl

15-Aug-2019 10:38

So I would describe the effect of the polish punch as mild(they do not target head) and is in your hand to react if the girl is worth. It is clear to them she likes you and they take it for granted you will extract her.

As I have written before the polish punch does not have the power and pushing force of the Russian punch because Poles are not exercised in boxing as Russians usually are.Hey, so I have been in Poland for a month now and here is my initial assessment for anyone who wants to come to get the Polish girl experience. - Many Polish girls are indeed very soft, sweet and easy to talk to.Basically, I used Roosh's book "Bang Poland" as my travel guide and from what I seen, I do concur with most of what he describes. You'll instantly see that they're friendly, flirtatious and would even giggle when you tease them.The problem is the general craziness(especially in case of Serbs) and some mental instability(we get too enraged easily) that can rip from us the benefits.

For example if I go to a club with polish girls and there are western guys, American guys, Arabs, Asians, Latins or whatever I never worry.Keep in mind that polish girls have romantic views of foreign nationalities(the English gentleman,the Latin dancer,the French gigolo etc). Now the stereotypes after meeting with them tend to transform to the drunk English,the horny Latino,the snobbish French,the crook Greek etc but these changes in beliefs take time.

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