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Later he was to recall a more bizarre manifestation of Hitler's extraordinary charisma: his mother and aunt, strong-minded, apolitical Scotswomen, were so affected by this sight of the Fhrer that they gave the Nazi salute as he left the Teeraum.

When Unity left the Teeraum, she now had only one goal in life--to meet this man that everybody's talking about.

There was nothing significantly sexy about the man.

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Now's your chance to celebrate a school teacher who made a positive difference in your life! What made them so great, and how did they influence you? Spread the word on social media through #My Favourite Teacher, or join the discussion in the comments on this page.

When Doug Hilton wrote to us, he said that as a teenager he was a "lazy sort of boy, with a smart mouth, who was easily distracted from things that bored me".

One teacher set him on the path to leading Australia's medical research.

While Schffer was a "guest" aboard the 'Belgrano', the newspaper "El Dia" in Uruguay's capital of Montevideo ran a Page One story, claiming that U-977 had stopped first near Comodoro Rivadavia in southern Argentina.

by another mistress, their nanny and half a dozen leading Nazis had taken to the rubber dinghies in the Golfo San Jorge, gone ashore in Patagonia, and now they were all on their way to "the new Berchtesgaden in Antarctica".

The meeting Unity longed for finally happened on 9 February 1935. Also she was a big fan of "Cavalcade", which was Hitler's favourite film after "King Kong"."I met her in the Osteria Bavaria. The Osteria was a small inn, it is still there, and hasn't changed much. There was a wooden partition, and behind it a table to seat eight.