Fassbender dating

22-May-2019 18:55

Rape charges against actor/director Nate Parker have also recently surfaced, causing a huge uproar surrounding the release of his film Previously buzzed about as being an Oscar contender, Parker will likely have to face uncomfortable questions about his allegedly violent past while on the promotional trail for his project.

And he should, because that is what should happen when a famous man has been accused of abuse, no matter how long ago it happened (in Parker’s case, as he is fond of reminding us, it was nearly 17 years ago).

That said, it wasn’t as if we didn’t have the capacity to more openly discuss the Fassbender accusation when it was first revealed; news of the abuse broke on TMZ, and social media — while still young — was available to disseminate and dissect the story.

n March 2010, Sunawin “Leasi” Andrews filed charges against her boyfriend.

It is whiteness that blankets these sins and ushers these men into a life filled with public success and adulation.

On a certain level, whiteness is what turns a rapist into a kid who made a mistake.

Fassbender’s case, on the other hand, never reached trial, due to his girlfriend dropping the charges.

While rape and domestic violence are not the same thing, they are often twisted companions.

But if we are measuring on a tit-for-tat basis, Parker was accused of sexual assault at 19 years old; the incident is nearly two decades in his past.