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Jackson down the mighty Mississipp; so sang Johnny Horton in his hit recording of The Battle of New Orleans.The same year as this battle another momentous occasion took place hundreds of miles north in Hartford Connecticut as Sarah presented her husband Christopher with a son they named Samuel.Of the thirty-one cartridges identified as .44s, twenty of them are classified as Obsolete Rifle with only two being currently used today, the .44-77 and .44-90 Sharps.With so many .44 caliber firearms produced both in and elsewhere over the past 150 years we have to do some judicious trimming of such a long list.

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Using his pocket knife he made a wooden model of a revolver.

Colt's first cartridge firing revolvers, the Cartridge Conversions and the 1871-72 Open-Tops were chambered in .44 Colt which used a heeled bullet of .449-.451 in diameter.