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From left, David Bowie, Yoko Ono, John Lennon, and Roberta Flack (John and Yoko’s neighbor at the Dakota), March 1, 1975.Lennon wears a medallion around his neck that reads “Dr. Purple who wore purple, but she went out less.” Under the Williamsburg Bridge, 1987 “It was the time of AIDS. It was a state of mind and a way of looking at the world. Mc Darrah, Sylvia Plachy, James Hamilton, Amy Arbus, Catherine Mc Gann, and Robin Holland. “Even though it was part of the culture at the time, I don’t like anything that puts you in a place where you’re floating.Jack Kerouac reading poetry at the Artist’s Studio at 48 East 3rd Street, February 15, 1959. Mc Darrah, who served as a picture editor and photographer for the Village Voice from 1956 to 2005, told the East Hampton Star in 1999 of his friendship with Beat writer Kerouac. I like to keep my feet on the ground.” Mc Darrah passed away in 2007.I have to tell you, I’ve never released this one before to anyone,’s from Limelight.This one is of the Club Kids at one of Michael Musto’s birthday parties.The students had loaned us bicycles, and one night, after curfew, they led us to a large shed near a hospital.We broke in and discovered that it was filled with body bags of the murdered protesters.

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A group of young people celebrate outside the boarded-up Stonewall Inn at 53 Christopher Street after riots over the weekend of June 27, 1969.

The bar and surrounding area were the site of a series of demonstrations and riots that led to the formation of the modern gay rights movement in the United States.

Backstage at the Grammy Awards at the Uris Theatre (later renamed the Gershwin Theatre).

Since I had my camera with me, as usual, I ran over and made this picture.” Teamsters Boss Jackie Presser At The Teamsters Convention, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, May 1986 "Reporter Joe Conason & I went to Las Vegas and crashed the Teamsters Convention at Caesars Palace, pretending to be reporters for a Teamsters paper.

I made this picture at the climax of the convention, as Teamster Boss, Jackie Presser was carried in in style." Congressman Gary Ackerman and State Senator Franz Leichter on Imelda Marcos’s bed at Malacañang Palace, Manila, Philippines, February 1986 “Joe Conason and I were sent by the paper to the Philippines to cover the campaign and the People’s Party’s election of Corazon Aquino.

“It was a way for me personally to be involved in a very hip scene, the downtown East Village scene, that I wasn’t initially a part of" Madonna, 1983 “The only direction I was given was to photograph anyone that made me turn my head,” Amy Arbus told the Voice in 2015 of her popular “On the Street” feature, which ran from 1980 to 1990.

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So I dumped him.] In a recent online survey of 900 Asian American men, Liu found that Asian men frequently feel stereotyped as lacking masculinity; they also said they’re perceived as undesirable and as too passive.… continue reading »

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Don't be a "Metro Sexual": This piece of advice has nothing to do with avoiding moisturiser or not waxing your chest, it just refers to the fact it's not a good idea to chat up French girls on public transport such as the Paris Metro.… continue reading »

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