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The film was heavily panned by film critics and retains a 7% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, although it was a box office success.Julia Jones (Alyson Hannigan) is an obese woman who dreams of marrying Napoleon Dynamite (Josh Meyers), but even in her dreams she is rejected.Julia goes to work at her father Frank's (Eddie Griffin) Greek diner.There she meets Grant Fockyerdoder, with whom she forms an instant attraction.She shows off her dance moves, then twerks and bounce and backs up to the couple with her massive rear for them to scream while she bounces and crushing and suffocate them for them to scream more for the screen to cut to the next scene.

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She suggests that they go to a restaurant called Taco Butt (in alternate versions of the movie, she uses her rump as a pencil sharpener and recommends that they use a garbage barge as their wedding location). When Grant says he has a best man, she shows them what she booked for the entertainment, after which she uses her butt to knock over her desk then rips off her clothes to reveal a gold liquid spandex tight suit.Julia finds from reading Andy's mind that she wants to get back together with Grant and plans to split the two of them up. In one alternate version of the film adaptation, they walk off the screen—presumably to the left—in order to engage in "foot fellatio" to quote Danny (Jack Cortes) verbatim.She cannot forgive Grant, and agrees to marry Nicky.The miniature house, which has scaled-down furniture, including a table, chairs, bed, wood-paneled walls, tiled bathroom with shower and kitchen cabinets requires about ,000 in repairs, which is the main reason for selling it.

'The walls have to come down and the floors ripped up. I don't even know where you would go to get it.''I say I'll be happy if it's sold and somebody wants to take it, and somebody else could enjoy it on their property,' Jones told She earns a spot on a reality television dating show called The Extreme Bachelor, the bachelor turning out to be Grant, the man she met in the diner.

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