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If the area you want is not listed below, that's because there are no current listings for people in that area. I do have medical conditions that force me to need diapers. Comments: I'm a shy, reserved girl who is searching for a nurturing, kind and loving Mommy who will hold me, watch cartoons with me, and change my wet diapers.

Since I have never tried being a TB or AB, I can't say I don't like it- I may. I am only interested in people, preferably guys (but if you are a girl, go ahead and e-mail me I'll probably be all for a meeting :) ), who are 18 to 30. Comments: Hello, I am looking to make friends, and find a sitter or mommy figure one day. No long term relationships just meetings for diaper play. Would be slow to go beyond that until after getting to know someone that way.

I'm here because I want to find someone who will and who's also okay with being friends and will diaper punish me. I just can't afford to buy anything because my husband doesn't like it.

Comments: I am a musician who is in college right now. Looking for a girl who shares similar qualities or someone who will listen and understand me and who will always be by my side no matter what.

It could be akward but email me we can work past that.

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I have only known one other who liked to wear other than my self. I would like to meet and talk to others that have the same feelings as I do so that I don't feel alone.

When I'm an AB I am usually pretty mischievous and tend to get in trouble, but I behave after a good spanking lol.

I'd be interested in finding a female ABDL or a Mommy type figure to share this with in a relationship (see how things go) and at the very least be friends. Looking for little friends or little/mommy/daddy couples. Comments: I have always wanted to wear diapers as far back as I can remember.

I am a very calm, cool, collected type person who is very out going, yet very shy. I would like to find a girl who would like to be my girlfriend. Looking for friends as well who share same interests.

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I love making new friends and forming new relationships. I also wouldn't mind finding a friend with some common interests. Comments: I am a 29 yr old crossdressing toddler looking for a long term/live in situation. I would like to meet a "normal" friend, boy or girl, and hang out sometime, and someone I can relate too.

I have had sporadic incidences of bedwetting over the course of my life, but never enough to warrant wearing diapers for that purpose.