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I actually grew to like this system because you can kind of decide how difficult of a study session you want by which box you’re going to tackle.There isn’t that much here to customize, so yes, your flashcards will always be yellow.So while customizability and aesthetics rank high here, ease-of-use really does not. There is a whiteboard mode for drawing on your cards, a desktop version for Windows, Mac, and Linux, an i OS version for i Phone and i Pad, and a Web version.Your notes can stay synced between all of them if you create a Web account.But once you’ve created an account, it’s the easiest app to use and so intuitive. Download: Quizlet (Free)Anki Droid is probably the most customizable of the apps on this list.There are settings for the font size and color, background color, screen rotation, full screen mode, whether or not to show scrollbars, how often to repeat certain cards, and more — pretty much any of the options you could ever possibly need.I think it would take a lot of getting used to to get the full benefit of this app.

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If you give a card the green check, it moves up a box, but giving the red X moves it down a box.

Flashcards are an incredibly useful tool for studying, but they aren’t always convenient to make and carry around; that’s where your smartphone comes in.

Making flashcards on your Android device would be ideal: you probably have it with you most of the time, you’re not constrained by physical size limitations, you don’t have to worry about running out of notecards, and the right app could even throw in a few extra features to help you study.

There are even fancy graphs that show you stats about your studying.

The downside of all this customizability, however, is a not-so-simple user interface.There are all kinds of settings for how exactly it does that, leaving the user the flexibility to adjust it to their needs.