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City of Seattle residents and business people, good luck. If he is found to be not guilty the tax payers money is not wasted.Democrats protecting Democrats with the taxpayers money again. Not saying Republicans don't do the same though, all politicians are crooked, just some are better at hiding it apparently. If he is found guilty, well then Murray is on the hook for it, and should not be protected at the expense of the tax payer! Perhaps the party and the allies of the party can buck up for it.former mayor Ed Murray) keeps a bad precedent going.How about the money come directly from Ed Murray and his (former) colleagues at the city level? However, to sell him out so quickly after taking office really portrays the path that this new Seattle Mayor is going down.To fill in the rest of its broadcasting schedule, the station airs national programs provided by Fox. The station is owned by the Tribune Broadcasting subsidiary of the Tribune Media Company, as part of a duopoly with Seattle-licensed My Network TV affiliate KZJO (channel 22).Check out how Q13 Fox News Seattle KCPQ compares to other local stations in the Seattle area. Email: tips@q13See KCPQ’s FCC Profile Q13 Fox has a public information file maintained by the U. The two stations share studio and office facilities located on Westlake Avenue in Seattle’s Westlake neighborhood; KCPQ’s transmitter is located on Gold Mountain in Bremerton.He sure knew how to ram it down everyone's throats. This is tax-payer theft and whoever made this decision should be in prison!!

I’m not against the settlement in and of itself, but the fact that taxpayer money is being used due to the allegations against one person (i.e.

"Its entity as an invincible power can neither be undermined nor... Bcuz the countries that are threatening us they all have families here in the U.

S soo they'll be killing their familes too if it does happen & there's still pockets of good ppl around the 🌎 that won't let it happen 👍SEATTLE -- Police are searching for two men who robbed a Seattle convenience store early Friday morning.

ORIGINAL BLOG 9/25/2017: Hurricane Maria is making a close pass to the North Carolina Outer Banks this week but is headed straight for a buoy webcam right now.

NDBC station #41424 is a water-level (tsunami) station (no weather sensors), but it does have a webcam and Hurricane Maria is heading straight for it.

That money should come from little Eddie's pockets and not the taxpayers! More Democrat hush money, footed by the tax payers.