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GA propaganda left out a few choice details, such as the matriarchs' control of males' sexuality, and the fact that males were perhaps closer to intelligent pets than fully human members of society.

He thought of the future he might have on Earth, which faced years of reorganisation and chaos.The male farmer who had owned it had been an early convert to the Gynarchic Alliance's cause - he was now a gardener and sex slave on an alien world, maintaining a botanical garden in the day (wearing nothing but a skimpy control harness), and worshipping his owner at night.The building was easily 500 metres long by 500 metres square, with ample grounds surrounding it.She smiled at Alex and spoke to him, 'You're a new volunteer then?

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' 'Yes, um, that's right.' 'Well then dear, let's get you started towards your new, better life' she replied, with words carefully calibrated to calm down anxious males.

'You'll need to fill in these simple forms, then we'll start you on your way.' With that she handed Alex a sheaf of forms and directed him to a table and chair.