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Her name is Deanna and she lives down the street."mark: "Are you serious? She's black and she's beautiful and we teach aerobics together and your father doesn't mind."mark: "Well okay then."____________________Mom: "Do you have a girlfriend yet? But it was an Oriental dance club, full of foreign women who love Chinese people like me.The lesson: always go to environment that give you an advantage -- namely, places where White women have an Asian fetish.I've been trying to date white women for ages, but it's very hard. Your uncles had girlfriends when they were younger than you. However this book didn't contain tips on how to accurately date a white woman within a close estimate of her age, so I will give my own: First of all, you can't just ask them their age because, as I have found, white women are aggressive and violent when feeling threatened. Usually, from the side or they may release a gas into your face that is both painfu This book was not what I expected. "____________________Mom: "Do you have a girlfriend yet? "mark: "Sigh."Mom: "You should date a white woman, a girl in college.

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Some very old white women will wear the clothes of much younger white women - a beginners mistake I had to learn for myself. "Mom: "He is a very nice man and a good friend to you. "____________________Mom: "Do you have a girlfriend yet? She's Turkish and her name is---"Mom: "I don't believe you. Written by an Asian with Asian men in mind within the context of a western society. "____________________Mom: "Do you have a girlfriend yet?

Provided inside are the knowledge, framework and tools necessary for an Asian man to understand, plan and put into action the steps to successfully date a white woman This book was not what I expected. However, I gave this book to a friend of mine, Arthur Fong, who said he appreciated it.