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The WMMS studios are located at the former Centerior Energy building in the Cleveland suburb of Independence, while the station transmitter resides in neighboring Seven Hills.

The WMMS call letters first referred to an owner – "Metro Media Stereo" – but have since taken on a variety of other meanings.

Kemp and Lou "King" Kirby were signed by Metro Media.

The station briefly battled with WNCR of Nationwide Communications, itself filling the void created by the brief absence of WMMS on the rock scene.

The station first turned to adult contemporary, then Top 40, big band and finally the Drake-Chenault automated Hit Parade '69.

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This information, the source code, must then be translated by means of a compiler into machine language, which the computer can understand and act on Anything that is physical and tangible--your monitor, printer, any disk drives, mouse, and even the chips inside the computer itself--is hardware Anything you can't touch--all of the operations, programs, and files on your computer--is software Back to Top A computer program or set of instructions System software operates on the machine itself and is invisible to you Application software allows you to carry out certain activities, such as word processing, games, and spreadsheets "The programs or instructions that tell a computer what to do " This includes operating system programs which control the basic functions of the computer system (such as Microsoft's Disk Operating System--"MS-DOS" --that controls IBM-compatible PCs) and applications programs which enable the computer to produce useful work (e g , a word processing program such as Word Perfect) The digital instructions executed by the computer in RAM They may act on the hardware that is attached to the computer Examples would be a BASIC or Pascal program, an assembly language routine to read a clock, or a disk operating system Since software is executed in RAM, it disappears from memory when the computer is turned off The application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software, and the study of these approaches.… continue reading »

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