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02-Mar-2019 19:06

So let me start with the criminal challenge, and that is the proliferation of child abuse images online.Obviously we need to tackle this at every step of the way, whether it’s where the material is hosted, transmitted, viewed or downloaded.And today I can announce that from next year we’ll also link up existing fragmented databases across all police forces to produce a single, secure database of illegal images of children which will help police in different parts of the country work together more effectively to close the net on paedophiles.It will also enable the industry to use digital hash tags from the database to proactively scan for, block and take down those images wherever they occur.for hosting me today and thank you for all the amazing work you do for Britain’s children.

Children can’t go into the shops or the cinema and buy things meant for adults or have adult experiences; we rightly regulate to protect them.But because of this, the internet can sometimes be given a sort of special status in debate.In fact, it can almost be seen as beyond debate, that to raise concerns about how people should access the internet or what should be on it, is somehow naïve or backwards looking.And when I say we I mean we collectively: governments, parents, internet providers and platforms, educators and charities.

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We’ve got to work together across both the challenges that I’ve set out.Now, let me be clear, the 2 challenges are very distinct and very different.

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