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About the Amdurs All of the Amdurs we have found to date appear to belong to one of three seemingly disparate branches.

Our branch lived in the Braslav uyezd (township) of the Novo Aleksandrovsk district of what in the19th century was first Vilna and then Kovno guberniya (province) of Russia.

Facial similarities suggest that there is a strong family linkage. We don’t know anything about the original home of the Amdurers but they are included as well.

Amduras, a Latvian form of the name, appeared in the 20th century.

They wrote the name Indura as aleph, mem, daleth, resh and pronounced it Amdur.

Most Jews of Eastern Europe did not have hereditary family names until required by law to adopt them.

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Prior to the adoption of surname, Jews used nicknames or sobriquets to distinguish among those in the same community who carried the same given name.They too have shortened their name to Amdur although, like the Pittsburgh Amdurs, they originally were Amdursky.We do not know yet if the two Amdursky barnches are connected or if the Mogilev gouping is connected to the Braslav Amdur branch.* The Braslav Amdurs were centered especially in Slobodka, a settlement 10 kilometers northeast of the town of Braslav from at least the start of the 19th century (and perhaps earlier) until the Holocaust and beyond.

Novo Aleksandrovsk later became Zarasai district and , as a result of border changes following World War I, Braslav (55'38"N / 27'02"E) today is in the far northeastern corner of Belarus.When did our ancestors move from Indura and was it one or more than one who came?

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