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13-Jul-2019 07:02

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She’s young, beautiful and has had her share of ups and downs in T. All she ever wanted to do was entertain her family. I’ve been fist pumping at MTV interviewing the Jersey Shore crew.

Julissa Bermudez refuses to give up and why should she? Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Queens, NY, this bubbly personality admits that she was a typical tomboy as a child. I’ve been shooting Kohl’s commercials in South Africa with one of my idols, Daisy Fuentes. I just admire the fact that he can have the little swag that he does.

The reality TV personality chided Bailon for "[trying] to kick my brother when he is down." "Funny how she says being with a Kardashian hurt her career yet the only reason she has this article is bc she is talking about a Kardashian," the star tweeted.

Bermudez also tweeted a message of love for Bailon.

Julissa Bermudez Maxwell dating rumors have also sprung up.

Julissa Bermudez Maxwell rumors, however, are also not known to be true she is reportedly known to be dating Singer Maxwell but time will tell if the couple is actually together or not.

Awards, Achievements, and Recognition Julissa Bermudez is recognized for her endeavors as a host and for being a pretty looking lady.

I sat down with my old friend for dinner this past September, and we reminisced about how the last time we interviewed, the tables were turned and she was the interviewer as I sat on her BET couch. How long has it been since your days at BET, and were you able to maintain a decent relationship when it ended? BET has always embraced me as a family, so I’ve always looked at them as that. So you’ve travelled to Africa, that’s a trip to take in your lifetime. I have never been to a more naturally beautiful place. Africa is such a huge continent with so many countries, and a lot of the images that are put out and portrayed of Africa are totally different than what you can actually go and experience.

Coordinating swimwear, Maxwell showed off his abs in black trunks and Bermudez in a black bikini as they waded in the waves, with subtle, flirty touches.

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