Justin timberlake and andy samberg dating game

15-Jun-2019 20:56

The skit fell a little flat, but it was still nice to see classics like Steve Martin, Dan Akroyd, Martin Short, Candice Bergen and, oddly enough, Paul Simon mingle with Timberlake.

It’s especially satisfying to see Martin be a jerk to everyone, Akroyd in particular. It’s always a bonus to see Andy Samberg, especially when he joins Timberlake as the “D*** in a Box” guys. Perhaps the best moment of the night, aside from the consistently on-point Stefon during Weekend Update, was the closing skit.

Both Greg and Marcia Brady (Barry Williams, Maureen Mc Cormick) appeared as celebrity bachelors/bachelorettes.

And, who knows, maybe his appearance on “The Dating Game” inspired future “Family Feud” host Richard Dawson to get into game shows.

Dirk Ellington (Bill Hader) hosts this dating show where a woman (Vanessa Bayer) choses between a regular guy (Bobby Moynihan), the wild and crazy guys (Steve Martin, Dan Aykroyd) and the D*** In A Box Singers (Justin Timberlake, Andy Samberg).

JT would go on to perform second single “Mirrors,” but again, it wasn’t even the show’s highlight.

Timberlake is mostly a sight gag in jorts, but the skit served as a high note in what was already the strongest episode of the season.Timberlake extended his track record as one of the show's strongest hosts.He performed "Suit and Tie" (with Jay-Z) and "Mirrors" (introduced by Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Chevy Chase as The Three Amigos). The monologue—Justin Timberlake, hosting for the fifth time, gets inducted into The Five-Timers Club, where he encounters Paul Simon, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Martin Short, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks, Candice Bergen, and Dan Aykroyd (relegated to the role of bartender). But this time they’re competing against Steven Martin and Dan Aykroyd’s characters, George and Yortuk Festrunk, from “Two Wild and Crazy Guys.” In this nod to two different generations of classic SNL sketches, the pairs compete against each other and cast member Bobby Moynihan for a lady’s heart on a dating game show.

Samberg and Timberlake croon their way through answers while Martin and Aykroyd revive their famed, creepy, faux-Czech brothers tandem. The Kanye Diss What’s maybe more impressive than the ratings is that Timberlake managed to slyly squeeze a rebuttal to Kanye West’s “Suit & Tie” diss into his performance of the song, changing the lyric “aww, s*** so sick, got a hit and picked up a habit” to “my hit’s so sick, got rappers acting dramatic.” All this plus a Jay-Z assist, and it wasn’t even the high point of the episode.

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