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The true celebration can only come when our scientists forever eliminate Santa from reality. He gained weight, turned gray, got bored, and chafed at the shackles of his own fame. There is a delicate balance you must find between not doing any work and doing too much at work. If you start goofing off for hours at a time, you’ll get caught and fired. You may find some of the following tips only waste a few seconds each, but seconds add up to minutes that add up to hours.But where science fails us, religion picks up the ball and runs with it, spikes it in the end zone, does a ref-defying taunty dance, and demands everyone agree it’s particular taunty dance is the one true taunty dance and there can be no others. He realized anything he then did as himself would be soon be overrun with his fans and supporters regardless of its merit. He uses his Son of God powers to monitor and track every child in the world’s good/evil levels, pick the most appropriate toy for each, make the toys, and get them all delivered all around the world on a single night. Drink Lots of Water Water, Tea and Coffee make you urinate quicker and more often than other drinks. Only a real jerk of a boss will yell at you for taking a leak. I would even suggest that men take up the feminine habit of sitting during all trips to the toilet. Don’t be robbed of those precious extra seconds of pulling down your trousers and pulling them back up again.That explains Chase on here twice — once as a cast member the other as the Weekend Update Anchor. While your waiting for the PC to process information sit back and relax. ” alert is so familiar to Kid OS users) means that bills can get out of control. Music: I don’t know where the “Wheels on the Bus” file is stored in my nephews, but I have been unable to delete it. We're not sure if this album is still in stock, here or abroad. Which, I guess you could say, is just some Germans ripping off our skits, but they did get a picture of Jason and Charles for their album cover, and Jason and Charles did get credit, and the Germans act was better than ours, so in the end we think it's okay. Plus, the fact that all more advanced Kid OS games are microtransaction-based (the “Mom, I need 0 so I can be on traveling team!

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In an attempt to offer a suggestion to parents on how to avoid forgetting your child in the backseat of a locked car, a local newscast today suggested that I could place my cell phone in the pockets behind the front seats of my car as a way to insure that I don’t forget my child. The sentence that took the censors over the top: on Track 11, entitled "Off the Scruff", Galen says, "I told my brother he was full of cr*p." A comedy masterpiece, sullied by Galen's penchant for potty-mouth. This German bootleg import was found by Jason behind a Conoco station in Louisville, Kentucky. Well, it's a long story, but he was in this chat room and the guy... The sketches, then, were completely dubbed in German.