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01-Aug-2019 19:59

You just have to decide if it's worth it to actually pay for something this time.

But this "way too expensive" talk has me intrigued. This was after he was offered a free DVD by a member of this board and still turned it down. The only way I turn down a free DVD (which I have done before) is if I don't want to see the movie. I have no problem if someone doesn't want to see the film.

I haven't been around much of late, and hope to rectify that in 2012, but let me thank everyone for the great reviews and posts.

And congratulations to the cast and crew of for what appears to be an outstanding film.

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But now i think you need to put it too bed, from where i am sitting it feels like your slowly choking your members me included, by pushing this Movie down our throats at every given opportunity this is oversell and you will harm the over all sales and success of it in the end if you keep this up.It's a torture-filled movie and that's not going to ring everyone's bell.