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I believed that I exaggerated ~ and believed this definition of me was proof that I was the one in the wrong and thus the beginning of the Black Sheep Syndrome.I was groomed to believe that the problem WAS me; I tried hard to accept that even though deep down I still thought I was right that I had been wronged but because no one validated me in any of my distress, I continued to beat myself up for not getting over it.And the mystery behind why we are so surprised to find so many others who feel the way we have felt is explained by the way we are so successfully groomed to accept and keep the family secrets, “respect” our parents and all their decisions and behaviours as “right” and not question or discover that there could be an explanation for our depressions, low self esteem and other mental health issues.I was defined from a young age as dramatic, an exaggerator and story teller so much so that I accepted that definition of myself.Get yours here in the upper right side bar or click this link~ Emerging from Broken The Beginning of Hope for Emotional Healing I love your insights in this article Darlene, there is so much I can relate to.

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Another most unfortunate result of this kind of conditioning is that it sends a message to other perpetrators that this child is not believable, leaving that child vulnerable to other predators as well.

And all this was done long before I ever rebelled or disclosed any of the dysfunction going on in my family.