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With their pick-up trucks and spencer repeaters, those clan members, those baby beaters, those John of Gods, those useless eaters, those tweeters those tweeters!

--- Darling MI6 dirty tricks who slaughtered and slandered all them Micks report failed!

lol David Cameron tried to cauterize the Tory wound with a referedum and boom! The reason there were one and a half million dead people in Ireland during the famine is because the Irish farmer sold his crop of potatos to England , so there you have ...history dose not lie farmer boy. No more our horse-trained narrative rot, for it's the tweet the tweet they have got!

----- Those curds or no degree how could they vote for Trumpi.

Drivertime - Minster Paschal Donohoe on the multi nationals registering intellectual to avoid tax."We have to protect Ireland's reputation". Vincent Browne on tv3 asked Paschal what does the IFC do... The National Asset Management Agency who PIMCO took one look at and ran for the hills...

Boeing chief who was convicted for going against the spirit of American business law..... There will be no money in the banks come Monday morning. As if the British would let Southern Ireland run out of paper. A nuclear fleet to maintain.£5.3trillion in FX currency market with £2trillion daily through London....

Lear jets and lie detectors verses plausible deniability..... Would not print the paper (Punt) and fly in from Brice Norton air base. LOL"The Irish national media broadcasting there will be no money in the accounts come Monday morning would be an act of treason"....

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The following are my tips for Haydock tomorrow: 2.10 LIMITED RESERVE ... Some one tell that man he's been hoisted on this own petard of the validity effect..... Drivetime - 200 pensioners protesting outside the Dail Eireann over their pensions cut by Joan Burton....Growth not seen since the Great Depression (The Grapes Of Wrath). Someone tell Phil Hogan the northern troubles are over and there is no infrastructural and cohesion funds available from the EU. Madison Square Lament; We're the one's that tell them what, our media knickers are in a knot.