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On another occasion, Mancino allegedly met a 22-year-old named Gabby at the gym, and hired her on the spot.

Mancino carried on a sexual affair with Gabby, whose last name is being withheld from publication, paying her a ,000 salary and buying her a ,000 Gucci bag and luxury beauty treatments with the company credit card, according to the suit.

Flush with the income generated by the companies, the managers allegedly showered perks and gifts on female employees who brought a certain special something to the job.

Favored were those female subordinates 'who dress provocatively, have large breasts, or who are having an actual sexual relationship with the [bosses]' according to the suit.

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The complaint also states that Mancino paid a low-level female employee an executive salary with generous bonuses 'so she could afford breast implants'.Allegations against Mark Mancino and the Tinton Falls, New Jersey firm included him summoning one female worker and saying 'Get your t*ts in here,' then rubbeing his face in her breasts - but he says that they are all just a 'misunderstanding'.

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