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Yeshivish may use a "chanting intonation" for reading and discussing Jewish texts. Loan words are often given plurals using standard English morphology.

A number of other distinctive intonations are also used: for instance, a high-falling pitch boundary for a dramatic point. For instance, the plural of yeshiva is yeshivas rather than yeshivois as in Ashkenazi Hebrew (although this is similar to the plural form in Yiddish).

In many sentences however, the grammatical and lexical features of the speaker's native language is slight and sometimes even lacking altogether.

A distinguishing feature of Yeshivish is that its speakers knowingly apply highly technical and literal written language to a colloquial language and in common day usage, similar to Modern Hebrew, for example: Nezek in its original context refers to the Talmudic notion of tort law, l'basoif means "eventually", moideh b'miktzas refers to partial confession of a defendant, and shoigeg in its original context means an incident which was caused unwillingly, but was a result of partial negligence.

The second, more comprehensive work is Frumspeak: The First Dictionary of Yeshivish by Chaim Weiser.

Weiser (1995) maintains that Yeshivish is not a pidgin, creole, or an independent language, nor is it precisely a jargon.

Some Yiddishisms present in Yeshivish Hebrew are not distinct to the Yeshivish dialect and can be found in mainstream Modern Hebrew as well. Fathers and sons, particularly of teenage years and above, might speak Yeshivish, while mothers and daughters generally do not, or they speak a milder variety of it.

The vocabulary and grammatical structure of Yeshivish is drawn primarily from the speaker's native language (see above), although it includes scholarly jargon, primarily from the Talmud and Acharonim in Yiddish, Hebrew, and Aramaic.Familiarity with these terms develops and they are then re-applied to other situations.There is a higher incidence of Yeshivish being spoken amongst Orthodox Jews that are regularly involved in Torah study, or belong to a community that promotes its study./t/ may be released when in general American it would be flapped or unreleased.

Final stops may devoice and pre-nasal /æ/ may not raise. Extensive hand motions, in particular thumb dipping in the style of talmudic discourse as well as the "fist twist," which is a closed fist raised at or above eye level and twisted back and forth to indicate uncertainty or doubt, are common.

The "Yeshivish" dialect of Yiddish has existed for quite a few centuries among Yeshiva-educated Jews in Eastern and Central Europe.

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