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Janis Abrahms Spring, author of After the Affair – if partners will lie to their spouses about their behaviors why would we expect them to tell researchers the truth (personal communication, 2006).That being said, although the incidence statistics on infidelity are far from exact, they are powerful indeed.Before we delve into treatment theory and practice, let’s look at some statistics on infidelity.However, in reviewing these statistics, it is important to remember that the numbers on infidelity vary. Unfortunately, there is probably a great deal of truth to a point made by Dr.But, over the course of an entire relationship, the chances of infidelity may rise to as much as 25%.

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The authors assert that, in any given year, the actual likelihood of a relationship being harmed by an infidelity is low – probably less than a 6% chance.

Researchers Blow & Harnett (2005) took a comprehensive look at prevalence of infidelity and concluded that in any given year the likelihood of a relationship suffering from an affair is low – probably less than a 6 percent chance.