Net designer file not updating

14-May-2019 09:46

You also define a data type such as string, integer, date, even special types such as connection string. Only two possible scopes are available: tab on the left.

There you can define one or more values to be used by your application.

So what happens to the values in the previous app.config and .config files in the output folders?

They are really just default values that your application can access at runtime if needed.

But remember that when you deploy the EXE, the only values that your application will read from the .config file are scoped values will be read from the user.config mentioned above.

Synchronize Often If you been able get this far without falling asleep, you have probably pondered the concept that with so many files holding the same data that things could get out of sync.

These values will be saved in a file named app.config in your project folder and in a file named .config in output folders after builds such as \bin\Debug\ if building in debug mode.Therefore, you should put your custom settings file there.