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I also work with my team of i Heart Super Heros (Rhys Uhlich, Mike Sherbakov and Amber Renae) who have been able to heal broken hearts and build the confidence of my single clients, changing their lives dramatically.

After my first i Heart Singles Holiday I just knew that I was on to something special - we were learning about dating, love and relationships - which had to be shared with the world; this book is just the first step in sharing what we learnt.

uestion: Why do we need to fall in love with ourselves before we can find our soulmate?

Serena DC: Trying to find a man when you are in the headspace of not loving yourself makes finding anyone above a 5/10 pretty hard.

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Serena DC believes she has found the reason they are not finding the one and has created a full proof strategy on how to attract them into your life! "The book captures all you need to know about learning to love yourself, finding your soul mate, and transforming yourself into the most desirable and datable person on earth! "After launching i Heart Travel (her singles holiday company) and working with so many people looking for love and helping them find it, I just knew I had to share what I had learned"."As a matchmaker I have been lucky enough to have had countless conversations with single men and women who have shared their deepest thoughts and feelings with me about the way they view love, their dating experiences and their desires for the opposite sex," said Serena."Through these conversations I have learned about the deep and intimate secret lives of people in the dating game.Our upcoming reality show The Secret Art of Falling In Love will be step two. Serena DC: Online and app dating really changed the way society approached dating.

For the last ten years people have virtually stopped trying to find 'the one' the old school way and instead, we now rely almost entirely on trawling dating apps and websites, looking at photo after photo and profile after profile until we find someone that we find attractive.We have removed the universe's ability to set us up with chance encounters.